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Joseph Wittman Attorney at Law
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Joseph Wittman Attorney at Law
112 Sw 6Th Ave Ste 508
Topeka, KS 66603-3844
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Work: (785) 234-3663


I am a solo practitioner in Topeka, KS. I have practiced for 30 years in the bankruptcy arena. I was a chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee for 25 years before taking on debtor work full time about 10 years ago. I am a member of the Topeka Area Bankruptcy Council and former president of that organization of bankruptcy professionals in this area. I am a member of the State Bar of Kansas and practice in state and federal Courts in Kansas.

I am a former president of the National organization of Bankruptcy Trustees (NABT) which represents Chapter 7 trustees across the country. I have been a member of NABT since 1988. During my time as a bankruptcy trustee I had the privilege of contributing to the efforts and report of the National Bankruptcy Review Commission which was organized by Congress to submit a report on the state of bankruptcy in its report in 1997.

I file both chapter 7 and 13's in my area and devote my practice to the exclusive area of bankruptcy practice. I am married to my wife Karen who works for the Attorney General of the State of Kansas and I have two children, Alex and Kellen. Alex is a senior at Shawnee Heights High School. Kellen is a sophomore at Stevenson University in Owings Mills, MD. She plays college soccer and hockey at this school.


Washburn University School of Law
Topeka, Kansas, United States
J.D., 1979
1976 To 1979

University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas, United States
Bachelor of Arts, 1976
1974 To 1976

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Joseph I. Wittman, Attorney at Law
January 1980 - present