NACBA/Rainmaker Webinar: How to Drastically Increase Your Firm Conversions By Tracking These 7 #s

When:  Aug 25, 2022 from 15:00 to 16:00 (ET)
*Free Rainmaker Training Webinar*

There Are THREE Things Happening In Your Business Right Now ...
1. What You THINK Is Happening
2. What Your Staff TELLS You Is Happening
3. What is REALLY Happening

Register AND attend this webinar on Thursday, August 25 to uncover the numbers you must track to drastically increase your firm's conversions, and how to fix any holes that are resulting in the loss of new clients.

Speaker: Philip Fairly

Philip Fairley is the President of The Rainmaker Institute and a long-time expert when it comes to intake, metrics and marketing for law firms.

He knows what it's like to face the challenges of highly competitive industries, making payroll, juggling responsibilities, generating new leads, and running and growing a company.

Philip is passionate about educating law firm owners and is known to share solid strategies with specific action steps.